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That stemmed from her difficult relationship with her father and in the mange, she merely ever showed interest in one man and her’s father’s assistant, Kaidou. Her father had been always distant and unreliable. Kaidou was the only person who had been consistently kind to her all the time.

What was Sailor Mars Power?

Just create and control the fire,

Sailor Mars had the power to create and control the fire and her named powers were some what inconsistent across the very various series in the first arc of the manga, she said Evil spirits that was begone and the same pharase she used as the civilian while using an ofuda just for her fire attacks.

Was Sailor Mars a Guy?

No, she was not a gay,

Rei Hineo was the civilian identity and present day incarnation of the Sailor Mars. She was the just shrine priestess who used to live at the Hikawa Shrine with her grand father and the Cows Phobos and Deimons in the manga.

Nomen clature & Etymology:


The very kanji Reis surname translates as the fire and field or the Civilian, her very given name was katakana rei and that is why, it was very difficult to translate. The very possible meaning included the  very sprit companion cool zero and bell with the first being most commanly assumed and perhaps due in the part to her initial power and the Fire because Kanata was the alphabet  usually used for the foreign landlords and it might also be intented as a western name or the word such as Raye , Rae or Ray.

In the very version of the chinese, the very series of the mange Rie’s and that name was written with that character which carried the same photoes as the Rei but means beauty and her lovely son.

Regardless, the entire name of the man was structured as the pun  or let mw say that as the syllable and there is none that indicates the very position of the same gay so that her very name could also be used or called as Rei of the Fire.



She had straight long black hair with a purpule shine and the purpule eyes. She stood at about just 190 cm or 5 feet 8 inches. She was often seen wearing her very red and white traditional priestrees uniform or her very winter school uniform. Her summer uniform had her wearning a light gray formal vest with a white short sleeved sailor Mars uniform just with a red dark ribbon tied in the centre of the gray skrit and white knee high socks and the black shoes. Her unifor between both winter and the summer school uniforms that was dark gray with red linings.

Her very primary casual appearance had her werning a very treel leather Jacket with an orange turtleneck, purpule skrit and orange stocking and the pale yellow knee length heeled boots.

Her very new uniform in the Sailor Mars Stars was the same as her winter school uniform from the middle school.

Sailor Maxon Senshi:

Just a Sailor Mars Maxon Senshi, she retained her civilian appearance with a just  that Gold tiara on her forehead along with a red tiara stone on the front. She worn a white sailor Mars leotard and on the color of her sailor Mars uiform was red with single lingings to match up with their red heels. Her front bow was purpule with a red round gem at the centre and was accessorized with a dangling red star earnings in each of the side of her earlobe and white gloves with rewd linings.

Super Sailor Maxon Senshi:

When she was upraded by the pegasus in the fouth season, she was just like the rest of the Senshi who gained sleeves in each of the sides of her leotard and her dangling red star earnings had added up two more chains to make it longer, the red gem at the very center was now just to make it very longer and the red gem at the center was then a heart shaped and her very bavck bow was lengthened. Her red chocker gained a star brooch on that front.


Rei was a fiery, boy crazy priestees with ambitions to become a singer and song writer, model, voice actrees and eventually setting down into marriage. Her very relationship with the Usagi was turbulent, and the two often argued with each other. Rei even admitted at one point and she felt like Usagi that was not a fit leader, regardless, she was not ex with each other. Rei even admitted at one point and she felt like Usagi that was not a fit leader, regardless, she was not extremely loyal to her.

She seemed to show just that her very affection to the those people was very high or in the other words let me say that people attracted toward her beauty and she cared most in the odd ways and such as her teasing Usagi which often hurt her feelings and especially in the very early days or in the orther words in the early parts of the series or jocking with Yuuichirou.


Why was Sailor Moon very closest to?

Of the outer Guardians, Sailor Mars Uranus was the one that Usagi became closest to him.

Did Sailor Moon have a little sister?

Chibiusa in her super sailor Chibi Moon from the very seen in the anime. Chibiusa’s birth name and official title was Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity and she was adopted as the member of the mother’s family using the alias usagi tsukijno in the 19th century.

Was sailor Moons a cat girl?

Basically, she was very much preety with her very long whiskers, In her human from, Luna was a young girl with the Luna and the very long black hair which reaches her waist. Her forehead born that some of the yellow cresent moon that she wore as a cat and which had been also featured on her earning, she was the first non  binary character that referenced and that her very way in the sailor Moon Franchise.

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