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Important and very Legal Information About the Polar Capital Technology Trust:

The information that contained in this article or within this article was issued buy the Polar capital technology trust PLC ( Polar Capital Technology trust ) and that information was provided by the reference or the purposes only and only and there was nothing left or there was nothing intended to be contructed as an very offer

that was given by the Polar capital technology trust and the initation or the very inducement to engage in the very investment activity or the investment advice and the recommendation in the  very relation to the share of the Polar capital and trust and that should not have been relied upon as such by any person.

The prostecters and investers should be taken advices from their financial experts and other professional advisers which let me say that they are lacking before making any such decision.

The information that was contained within that article was just intended to be used for that reference purposes only very persons in that UK and nothing on that website was directed at any person outside the UK where the very publication or the availabity of such that. In particular, the very information contained within that website was just not indended for and should not be accessed by or disturbed or disseminated too and directly or let me say indirectly, in the very whole or in part, persons and the very residents or let me say physically present in the United States of America

included its very territories and the very possessions and in many state of the US and districts of the Columbia, UK, Australia and Japan and did not constitute an offer to buy or achieve any security of the Polar Capital Technology Trust in the very US, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The Technology Of the Polar Capital Technology Trust:

Polar Technology Trust was managed by the Polar Capital Technology Trust was managed by Polar Capital LLP and the Polar Technology Trust LLP was not responsible for the contained within that article.

If one was sure about the meaning of the any information that was provided by and on that website so please consult your very financial or the other professional adviser, the very Polar technology Trust could not offer investment advice.

General Risk And Warning:

Must remember that past performance of the very investment was not necessarily a very guide to the very future performance, the value of an investment and the very income from it could fall as well as the very rise as a result of that market and currency fluctuations and you could not get back the very amount originally invested, the market value of that shares of the very polar Capital technology trust might not be reflected.

The underlying net asset value of the investments held by the Polar Capital Technology Trust and was able to borrow and to raise the very fund manager and the board considered that it might be commercially and advantageous to do that.

Disclaimer of the Polar Capital Technology trust:

Polar Capital Technology trust believed that the information displayed on that website was just that accurate as the very date of the publications but they did not guarantee that accuary or that currentness of the any information and they all disclaimed all the reprentations and those warranties either expressed or implied to the very extent permitted by the applicable law and the regulations. Further all the information displayed might be amended by us at any time and without any notice,

By continuing to use that website and did you agree to the exclusive by us at any time and without notice and by continuing to the very use of and to the extent permitted by applicable law and the regulations of any and all liability for the any direct or indirect punitive and consequential, incidental and very special or the damages

that included and without limitations and loss of the profits and the revenue or the very data arising out of the and relating to your use of that and our very provision of that website and its very content, if you are committed or dissatisfied with bany aspect of the very website or of it’s very own contents, your very sole and exclusive remedy was to discontinued and use of that website.

 Privacy policy of the Polar capital technology trust:

You could visit that website without that providing any of the very personel information about your ownself and our serves may collect and hold the very domain name and the very information of those visitors to that website but that very information of those visitors to the very website but it was said that the very information was held only for that peroid that you were using the very websites and would use on an anonymous that was aggregated basis just and just that purposes of that measuring the very use of that and further improve that content of that very website.

We used the very those cookies and to prepare that record information and those were concerning your very visit t and use of that very website and those identity when you visited the very website that was mentioned and enhance your own experience of the very website. And the very small pieces of that information that your internet browser on your computer’s hard drive.


Was Polar Capital Information Trust holding a very good investment?

Polar capital Information Trust a very good and the good divided very stock, Polar Capital paid an very annual divided of the GBX 0.8 per share and currently had a dividend yield of the 9.98 percent. Polar had a dividend yield higher than 7 percent.

Was Polar Capital Global Technology Fund Closed?

Polar Capital had soft closed it’s Global Technology Fund after assets blew up by 5bn in the space of just three months and wealth manager had learned.

What was Polar Capital Technology Trust?

Polar Capital Technology Trust was a specialist and the very management group listened on the very London Stock Exchange and the polar Capital Technology Trust holding pcl seeks to become a very leading specialist fund and the management.

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