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A quick way to finance or refinance a real estate investment is with private money loans. Especially if you are unable to qualify for conventional financing or do not have the time or patience to jump through all of the hoops at a bank or other conventional lender.

Having said that, a lot of people aren’t quite sure what a private money loan is. In addition, they aren’t sure if they could use private money real estate. We’ve created this blog to tell you everything you need to know about this type of lending because of this.

What is a loan with private money?

Most of the time, a private money loan is a short-term one used to buy or refinance real estate. It is mostly used to buy real estate as an investment.

Instead of traditional financial institutions like banks or credit unions, private lenders offer loans. Private money lenders, in contrast to these conventional players, are significantly less burdened by regulations and bureaucracy, making financing access quicker and simpler.

Typically, the terms last around a year. However, the loan term can be extended from two to five years. Naturally, the value of the property in question determines how much a borrower can obtain with a private money loan. The property could be one that the borrower already owns or one that the borrower wants to buy.

A private money loan in action

The ARLTV (after repair loan to value) formula frequently determines the lending amount with private money loans. This is based on the ARV or the value after repairs. It differs from conventional lenders, who typically rely on the value of the asset “as-is.”

For instance, a private money lender might lend 65 to 70 per cent of the ARLTV against the $400,000 after-repair value of a $200,000 property that needs $50,000 in improvements. In contrast, a conventional lender would lend based on the value “as is.”

The closing time for a conventional mortgage would range from sixty to ninety days. A private money loan, on the other hand, would close in three to seven days.

When is it appropriate to make use of this kind of loan?

If you lack the equity to finance a real estate investment opportunity, these loans can be extremely helpful. They can also be a good alternative to traditional property loans because obtaining financing through traditional means takes time and involves many obstacles. Furthermore, any seasoned real estate investor is aware that speed is everything.

Additionally, they are categorized into a variety of subcategories that are utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

Loans for fix-and-flip projects, bridge loans, rental loans, construction loans, and cash-out refinance loans are all options.

Do private money loans make sense?

In a market where speed is everything, private money loans provide quick access to financing for real estate investment deals. Nonetheless, they might cost a little more. Therefore, before considering these loans, consider the benefits and drawbacks:


An excellent choice for first-time real estate investors Private money loans are an excellent choice for people who want to join the real estate investment industry and require a loan for this purpose.

Money Lending based on assets means that the property is given the most weight when deciding whether or not to lend money. Although the borrower’s ability to repay the loan is a factor, the asset takes precedence over the borrower.

Easy to leverage –

 Leveraging all of your cash on a single property is never a good idea. You can buy two to five properties with the help of a private money lender and have multiple income streams.

The speed:

 Loans made with private money are quick. This gives you a head start on your potential fix-and-flip project and reduces the likelihood of missing out on investment opportunities.

The absence of a prepayment penalty is yet another advantage of private money loans. You won’t be penalized if you repay the loan as quickly as you want to.

Payment may be interest-only – If you only intend to use the loan for a short time, private money lenders frequently permit interest-only payments throughout the repayment period.

Limited credit and income requirements:

 Obtaining traditional financing can be difficult if you have poor credit. However, the asset-based nature of these loans makes it simpler to obtain financing that you may have been denied in the past.


May require a substantial down payment. This largely depends on your experience and the investment’s profitability. However, you might need a slightly larger down payment in some instances. However, if you intend to use the property as a fix-and-flip investment, you should be able to easily repay the loan with the profits you generate.

Only for investment properties:

 Private money lenders do not lend on owner-occupied homes because they only lend to investment properties.

Fees for extensions:

 Borrowers will have to pay fees for extensions, but private money lenders can extend loans. As a result, sticking to your repayment windows is preferable.

Loans with private money:

 final thoughts Real estate investors stand to benefit greatly from private money. Having an experienced asset-based lender in your Rolodex can be a strategic advantage if you need to act quickly on your investment or if financial issues prevent you from obtaining conventional forms of financing.

You need the right property and a clear exit strategy to ensure that private money works for you. On the other hand, you should use them in your investment portfolio as a starting point or another building block.

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