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About laurel Ridge:

In the year of 1988, Laurel Ridge Treatment Center opened its own very door for the public to provide specialized behavioral health care and that very addiction of the drug, and treatment on the therapeutic 18 or more than 18 acre campus that was located in the north Central San Antonio, tex.

Our 250 bed facility was designed with just one mission that was in the mind of the center owner. Saving lives of the innocent people, healing Families and created the hope for the new life once again. The very facility included a very charter school, Gymansium and the very recreational facility. There were also play grounds, swimming pools, ropes that is called “ Realityp-oriented physical Experiential Situation Course” library and the dining room.

Programs For kepping you engaged with Laurel Ridge treatment center:

Every program at the Laurel Ridge Treatment Centre from the very inpatient to the residential to the very partial hospitalization or the very intensive out patient was designed to meet the very specific clinical need. The trained mental helth professionals that provided no cost, confidential assessment that was 24 hours per day or let me say that 24 hours a day and all 7 days a week. And that helped us to determine the very appropirate level of the care for the each individual’s unique situation.

Careers at the very Laurel Ridge Treatment Center:

It was said that in a report that make a difference at the very Laurel Ridge Treatment Center but we offered the very career opportunities for the variety of the mental health professionals and would love for you to join our team.

It is care that puts you first:

Either you need inpatient mental health treatment, out patient mental health treatment and the military dual dignoses programs that was designed around the needs of the people or let me say that for just your own loved one and it had the variety of the programs to meet that very need or those needs.

Adult Programs For the Public:

With those mental health out patient or inpatient programs such as an intensive out patient program and the very partial Hospitalization program, and they had got your needs covered. We could not even offer dual diagnoses substance abuse treatment programs for the drug as well as alchool addiction treatment, mood disorder treatment and more.

 Chid and Adolescent Programs:

The children’s mental health mattered and that included teen mental health too, laurel ridge treatment center offered inpatient and that very out patient psychiatric treatment programs for those children and the adolescents.

Military Services from the Laurel Ridge Treatment Centre:

Our very mental health treatment centre was proud to support the military and their very families, if you are a permanat member, so we have offered specific programs for just you people that was including military trauma programs and the military substance abuse programs and there were many more that were out of your imagination or let me say that you could not imagin.

Specialized Therapeutic Services of SST:

SST programs were an important component of the every client’s recovery and our very staff that facilitataed a variety of those skill based works that were valued by that treatment team, patient and the very incorporated into the every patient’s group that was scheduled and the treatment plans of those things.

Electroconvulsive Therapy and ECT:

For those very patient who were unresponsive to the very traditional therapy and those very medication and electroconvulsive therapy was safe and the effective treatment for the relief of the severe mental illness that included depression and the very thoughts of the suicide. Laurel Ridge Treatment Center that offers ECT for the very patient in the very inpatient and out patient behaviroval health treatment programs. That life saved the very treatment that had been proven to relieve mania and the very acute psycholosis.

What goes along with our behavirol health services of the Laurel Ridge Treatment center:

Our very Campus-style treatment buildings feel much less like the very Hospital and more like a college capus. Wandering paths and the abudent oak trees and plenty of the very fresh air set the stage for the personal restoration and the very growth. Patients were sure that to have a better time in a place where they could enjoy their very surroundings and our very facility was designed with that in their mind.

While the very inpatient psychiatric treatment that offered  and often carried the very stigma of a very white walled, sterile hospital setting, the laurel Ridge treatment center was just nothing that. Patients enjoyed the very South Taxes, sunshine as they move throughout the campus for the  various groups, activites, challenges course and those meals that took our vertual tour or call us today to set up a tour for our relaxing and the very expensive center. We were confident that you would like just what you see and found the help that you needed.

The Facility You could trust for the all time:

We were proud to be very licensed and accredited by the Taxes Department of the Health, Taxes Commission on the Alcohol and the “Drug Abuse” and the very other agencies. Hart at the Laurel Ridge Treatment Center, we had accepted most of the major insurance for just our behavioral health services, talk to us today for just information about admissions, referrals and other more.


How many beds did Laurel Ridge Treatment Center have at the beginning?

Our 250-bed facility was designed with that one mission in their mind, SAVING LIVES, healing Families and created the very hope.

How much did  Laurel Ridge Treatment Center charge at the time of start?

The very total cost of the SUD Certificate educational program was 3, 10000 million dollars, and the base tuition was the total cost for the very instruction and the student supported exams, certificates and the books and supplies for the very student’s entire online and in-person education.

How many beds were laurel Ridge Hospital?

1578 beds: Laurel Ridge treatment was a 176-bed acute looked by the psychiatric facility offering the services to adolescent age from 13-14 adults and very older adults.

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