Best Health information technology salary

Health information technology salary

There is a lot of field in the world. Among them, one is called health information technology. There is very much interest in this field. Today, we will talk about Health information technology salary. The field of health information technology is experiencing explosive growth and It is also offering tremendous earning potential. The average health IT salary is $91,000. According to one survey.

This makes it a very attractive field and as well as a career option. This field is best for both experienced medical professionals and also for information technology professionals.

If we talk about Bureau of Labor Statistics cites health information technology. It is one of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. If you want more information about Health information technology salary read this article fully.

The things which will you learn.

• Information about Specific health information technology jobs and salaries

• Helpful resources for those people who are to start a career in health IT

• Tell about how a master’s degree in health informatics. It can help you thrive in this fascinating, fast-growing field

Health Information Technology Career Paths

Development/Maintenance of Electronic Medical Records (EMR, EHR) Systems –

Health Information Technology Career Paths

If we talk about the transition to electronic health records for the whole world of health care, it has made numerous career opportunities. It is starting from entry-level to supervisory and leadership roles and the Health information technicians who are working with electronic medical records. They focused on developing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining hardware and software systems. They also manage health information and patient data.

Data Analytics – Health information specialists are very important to analyze data with an eye. They use the insight data. It provides to improve health care programs and services. Hospitals can also use these data to analyze trends. They also improve their administrative and patient care protocols. Health IT data analysts are also found for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers, public health administrators, and also for other industry players.

Medical Coding – If we talk about Health care providers, they are searching for coding experts who can help with clinical data for classification, reimbursement, planning, and research. The key areas of specialty are world medical which included related disciplines such as information governance, patient advocacy, privacy and security, and health informatics. The (AHIMA) and the full form of it is American Health Information Management Association. It is telling about the importance of graduate degrees for health information professionals. He is also searching to take advantage of these emerging career opportunities.

Education – If we talk about brisk qualified workers, it is a fast-growing field. It has opportunities in the education sector, as colleges, universities, and professional associations give certification and degree programs to help.

Health Information Technology & Health Informatics Job and Salary Information

eHealth Careers survey of more than 400 healthcare IT professionals was conducted. They found that healthcare IT workers in the U.S. were earning an average of $91,251 per year and senior-level positions were being paid well into the six figures annually. See the average salary broken down by position:

Health Informatics

  • Chief Clinical Informatics Officer – $180,000
  • Director of Clinical Informatics – $128,000
  • Healthcare IT Project Manager – $102,000
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist – $100,717
  • Informatics Consultant – $94,360
  • Clinical Informatics Coordinator – $84,058
  •  Came to know through Sources: AHIMA,

Health Information Technology 

  • Health Information Technology Executive – $127,500
  • Health IT Management – $111,500
  • Project Management – $100,000
  • Software Development – $85,000
  • Data Analyst – $83,000
  • HIT Analyst – $80,000
  • Systems Analyst – $80,000
  • Health Information Educator – $69,000
  • Health IT Consultant – $68,750
  • Systems/Network Engineer – $67,500

The American Health Information Management Association — was founded in 1928 and AHIMA said itself as “the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals worldwide,” It is serving 52 affiliated state associations and more than 103,000 health information, professionals. AHIMA gives a wealth of resources. It is taken from info about health IT for the Career and Student Center. 

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