Hair Biology Thickening Treatment: Best product

Was Hair Biology Thickening Treatment Good For The Hair?

Hair biology or the hair biology thickening treatment instantly thickened each strand of the hair and fights breakage for the fuller looking very thick hair, made of biotin and free of the parabens that our Full and vibrant collection was specially formulated to be safe for the thin and flated or that thinning hair.

An Anatomy of a Follicle:

A hair follice was a tunnel-shaped structured in the very epidermines those ( outer layer ) of that skin, hair started growing at the very bottom of the hair follice. The very root of the hair id made up of the protein cells and it was nourished by the blood from the nearby blood vessels.

Hair growth recycle:

Hair growth recycle out of the very follicles in those cycles and there are three main different phases of this very cycle.


It said that the hairs begain to grow from the root and those phases usually lasted between three and seven or more than seven years.


In this, it was said that the growth slow down and the very follicle Shrinked in that phase. That was lasted between two and four months.


The very growth slow down and the very follice shrinks in those very phase and the very old hair fall out and the new hair begain to grow with the passage of the time and that lasted between three and the five months.

Just According to the 2018 article:

According to the article of the 2018, the very recent research had suggested that the hair follicles were not restin g just during that telogen phase and a lot from the cellular activity that happened durin that phase so that it was said that the very tissues could generate and did the more and more growth of the hairs on the head. In other words let me say that the very telogen phase that was very much crucial to the very formation of those healthy hairs.

Very different folliciles go through different phses of the very cycle at the very same time. Some of the follicles those were in the very growth phase while others might have been in the very resting phase and some of your hairs might be growing while others were Falling out.

According to the very American Osteopathic College of the very Dermatology and the very average person lost approximately more than 100 strands of the hair a day before and about 90 percent of your hair follicles were in the anagen phase at the any given time.

 The very life of the follicle:

On the very average, your hair growth about the half an inch each month and you very hair growth rate could be affected by your own ageand hair type and your overall health. Hair follicles were not just responsible for how much your hair growth and they also influence what your hair looked like. The very shape of your follicle determined how curly your hair was. Circular follices produce very staight hair while the oval follicies produce very curlier hair.

The hair follicles also play a very vital role in the very determining the very color of your very hair that got its very pigment from the very presences of that melani n and there were two types of the melanin; eumelanin and the very pheomelanin.

That melanin was stored in that hair follicle cells and which was then determine that color of that hair and your follicles could lose their very ability to produce melanin  as your that age which was resulted in the very growth of the very gray or the white hairs.

It was said that if that hair was pulled out of the very hair follice, it could regrow and then it was possible that a very damaged follice would stop producing hair and certain conditions such as the alopecia that could cause follicles to stop that producing hair altogether.

Issues with the hair folliciles:

A lot of hair conditions were caused by issues with that hair follicles and it was said that if you thought, you had a very very bhair condition or if youn had explained symptoms like that hair losses and it was best to consult with that determatologist.

Androgenetic alopicia which was known as the very maled matern baldness it was presented in that men and that was the very condition that mostly affected the very growth cycle that slow and weaknees, eventually stopping altogether and that resulted in that follicles and that could not prodce any of the new hairs.

That Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia areata was an autoimmune disease, that immune system mistakes that hair follicles for those foreign cells and attacked them and if often caused hair to the fall out in that clumps and it could lead to alopcia universalis which was a total loss of that hair all over the body, and not known cure existed for alopecia areata and yet it was not the steroidal injections to the very topical treatments that cloud slow down the very hair loss.


Folliculitis was an inflammation of the very hair follicles, it could occur anywhere hair growth that icluded you own hair, and your follicles were responsible for growing hair which happened in the cycles of the three distinct phases and those follicles also determine your very hair growth. I hope you have understood about Hair Biology Thickening Treatment


What did cause hair to grow that biology?

Hair was produced in anagen, the very growth phase that once a very hair reached full length, a very short apoptosis-dion and the very riven involution phase and that catagen and that occurred where all the very cells division and pigmentation stops and their became fully keratinised with that swollen club.

How did you reopen hair folliciles?

There were a variety of those methods available for the regrowth of that follicles, from the very using medication to messaging your scalp to stimulate your that hair directly.

Did hot water open hair follicles?

When that hair roots came to in contact with water at a very higher temperature and the pores of your hair follicles expanded up natually.

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