Future Technology: Best technology which will change the world

What is going to be the future technology?

The artificial intelligence and AI machine learning refers to the stability of the machines to learn that and act very intelligently, meaning they could make decisions and carried out the tasks and even predict the future technology outcomes those are mostly based on what they learned from the data.

Artificial Intelligence and Modern Intelligence:

AI and other learning already played a vital and the bigger role in the normal life than you might imagine and the Alexa ,Siri, Amazon’s product those would be the  recommendations and Netflix’s and Spotify’s personalized recommendations and the every Google search you could make and security checks for the fraudment credits card those would be purchased, dating apps and fitness trackers and all would be driven by AI.

AI was going to just revolutionize almost every facet of those modern life and Stepen Hawinkg told and Success in the very increasing and in creating AI would be the very biggest event in human history and the Hawking immediately followed that up with just unfortunately and it might also be the last and unless we learned just how to avoid the very risks.

Huge risks for the society:

There would be potentially huge risks as we knew it very well, particularly when someone consider some countries would be reaching to develop AI-enabled autonomous weapons. AI and the machines those learned would be the very foundation on which many other technologies would built, for instance, without of the AI. And we will not have achieved the very advances  in the internet of those things and the very virtual reality, catboats ,fiscal recognition and the robotics automation or the very self –driving cars just to name a very few.

 Modern technology of future:

AI was also going to transform humans beings jobs and AI-enabled automation would have a particularly significant impact and that might lead to the very displacement of the many jobs and just  rather subscribe to a very vision of the dystopian future where all the human jobs were given to the robots and I believe AI would make our very working lives better than anyone else. And further it would enhance the work of the humans and provide the new opportunities and it would replace the displace the jobs.

Gene Technology upcoming in the future.

Genomics was an interdisciplinary field of the bio-chemistry that just focused on the very understandings and the manipulation of the DNA ans the very genomes of the living organisms. Gene editing engineering in order to change the DNA and the very genetic structure of the living organisms.

Bio-technology would advance to the point where it was viable to alter the DNA and encoded within the cell and this would influence the characteristics or the traits that would make the very descendants of the very will. In plants, that could affect the very numbers of the leaves and their coloring while in the humans and it will affect their height, eye, color and their likelihood of developing diseases, that opens up the range of the possibilities that were almost unlimited as it meant that any characteristic of the living organism that was inherited and would theoretically changed. Future technology

Computer Awareness:

Human computer interfaces would create wearable devices and the technology that would help to improve the very physical and the potentially mental performance of the humans and would help us to lead the healthier lives. May be the most prevalent examples of the wearables today having the fitness tracker bands and the smart watches. Small, easy to wear devices that would typically monitor our activity and provide insights that helped us to lead healthier and better and more productive lives.

3D Printing Of the modern technology:

3D printing, also known as the very additive manufacturing that means creating a 3D object from the very digital file by building it’s layer by those layers. 3D printing might seem distinctly more loe-tech than any of the artificial intelligence or the very gene editing but it had the very potential to completely transform manufacturing and the other industries.

3D Printing technology brought many opportunities as well as it also brought some of the downsides challenges and the very obstacles to overcome. While it had potential to reduce the very environmental impact of the manufacturing by using that fewer materials overall and we had to consider the very environmental impacts of the printers themselves.

Extended the Reality of the Future Technology:

Extended reality, or XR for the very short encompasses virtual reality and mixed reality and referred to the use of the technology to create more immersive digital experiences and in practice, XR and would be being used to boost brand engagement and let the customers try before the bought  and enhanced the customers services and make workplace learning more effective and more improve the other organizational processes.


What is going to be in 2060?

In 2060, the multiple artificial general intelligence will be created and each of this general intelligence will be connected to the networks of the supercomputers and will quantum computers and they will be connected to the cloned versions of the coming internet.

What problem we would face in 2055?

The coming economic impact to the regions will be profound and the climate refugees would become the norm and the pressure would be growing to the cities as the urban population would  grow in size. If the climate change would force the mass migration and then existing infrasture and services and economies may be stretched to the very breaking point.

How would the world be in 2080?

In a study from the 2019 that researchers found that cities in the North America by the year 2080 would basically fell like they would be about 500 miles 800km away from where they currently were and in terms of the drastic change that could have taken place in their climate.

What technology would be in 2070?

Buildings would able to assemble themselves using Nanotechnology and by 2070, it would now possible to built entire homes and the homes and the offices using nanotechnology.

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