Best Funny cat videos which will happy you

Today, we will talk about funny cat videos. There are many kinds of animals in the world and many species of them. Like the cat, dog, horse, and so on. Some are wild, some are domestic and some are for the pet. Some animals are cute and some are dangerous. A cat is a cute animal and people love to rear the cat. If you have a cat, a mouse will not come into your house.

Children love to play with the cat and also with the dog. A cat is a cute animal and its appearance also.
If the dog is man’s best friend, Cat is also the best friend of humans.
There are many videos viral in the last year on the internet. Many videos of mischievous troublemaker cats just want more attention from their humans.
I am going to tell you about some viral cat videos which were viral last year. Some videos are very serious criteria: humor, skill, uniqueness, and, in most cases, cuteness.

Funny cat videos

Football Black Cat

Football Black Cat

There is a black cat that runs the field during the National Football League game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on November 4, 2019, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

This video was automatically viral and it did not viral by human’s Twitter. The black cat interrupt a New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game on Nov. 4, 2019. . A radio announcer told that. “Policemen and state troopers have come onto the field, and the cat runs into the end zone! That is a touchdown,” Kevin Harlan also said. “And the cat is elusive, kind of like [Saquon] Barkley and [Ezekiel] Elliott!”

Betrayed Cat

Betrayed Cat

There is a video of a cat that was shared on Twitter by @MerielMyers on Nov. 4. There is a gray cat. It is showing his feeling and sees his owner who is playing with a new blonde kitten. It is showing jealousy toward that kitty
“The look of utter betrayal,” the tweet says.
This video has almost reached 3.7 million views. This is because this video cannot be ignored. After all, this is an emotional video. Many people answered and theorized what the gray cat was thinking.

Cat Fight

Cat Fight

It is said that all is fair in love and war. . There is a YouTuber whose name is Laura Lee. She shared security footage which revealed her black cat pushing her other cat into the pool.
When Lee investigates it, She discovered that the push was one of retaliation. There is a video which was also released by lee that the spotted cat bit the black cat. It was the most legendary catfight in internet history.

If the technology was not as advanced, we could not see the video of the cat on the internet. But what happened between the cats behind the scenes remains a mystery.

Jealous Halloween Cat

Jealous Halloween Cat

As you know that Halloween is celebrated all over the world and people have long been dressing as cats for Halloween. Many people are very lazy and putting on a black headband with cat ears is, well, extremely easy. You should also see how you will feel seeing your appearance like itself. Your appearance can astonish the cat.

Previous Halloween, A cat was astonished and was ready to attach to his owner. His owner had not only kitty ears on for the holiday, but also painted on some whiskers. She was looking like a cat. The cat was going to pounce on me until I took the ears off. After taking off the ears cat went back to normal as if nothing happened. the owner told viral video licensing company ViralHog.
The cat was feeling frustration when its owner made an appearance like a cat.
You can say that owner learned the lesson and will not repeat this.

I hope you like funny cat videos

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