How to Prevent Emergency Sewer Backups at Home

Emergency Sewer Backups. A noticeable stench, as if the sewage system had visited your home. You roam the apartment desperately trying to find the source of the stench. When you open the bathroom door, an overpowering stench vibrates and the floor is covered in waste fluid and products ejected from the toilet bowl. Sewer Backup Toronto is an unpleasant emergency plumbing disaster that some of us are familiar with. A stubborn blockage somewhere in the main building can cause sewage to backflow onto the bathroom floor, contaminating the room with harmful waste and bacteria.

Garbage build-up can cause blockages in the main sewer line or the DWV system that carries waste from the home to the main sewer. A blocked line reverses sewage into a residential line to back up to the bathroom floor. An emergency plumber points out the location of an obstruction through a backwater drain. If sewage is backflowing through your sink and toilet drains, it’s most likely a blockage along your home’s DWV line. Emergency plumbing services warn that a slow-draining fixture is a red flag for a blockage that needs to be addressed before it completely clogs the plumbing and causes a harmful sewer backup.

The most common cause of residential sewage backflow is the flush of items too large to fit on the DWV line, such as baby diapers, household waste, sanitary napkins and tampons, keys, and more, and the list could go on. Emergency plumbers salvage all sorts of unusual items that people flush down toilets from pipelines, such as false teeth, unwanted jewelry, and animal waste.

However, the most common obstacles to sewage backflow are grease, fats, and oils that solidify and form very stubborn blockages that clog the sewer pipes. Emergency plumbing companies urge people not to rinse cooking grease down sink drains to prevent backflow into the sewer. Instead, oils, greases, and fats can be rubbed on a can and thrown into the trash instead of down the drain. Watching it run down the drain can save you from residential sewer backflows that harm the environment and cause costly plumbing emergencies.

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