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Many centers in the world are related to technology. We will talk about the Centre for Alternative Technology. Its abbreviation is (CAT). It is an eco-center in Pows. Pows are in mid-wales. It is dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development. CAT not only tells about alternative technology but also provides information on all aspects of sustainable living. It is not only open for visitors, and offers postgraduate degrees but also shorter residential and one-day courses. They also publish information on renewable energy, sustainable architecture, organic farming, gardening, and sustainable living. They not only run that also run runs education programs for schools and sells environmentally friendly items through its on-site shop, restaurant, and mail order department


Centre for Alternative Technology was founded in 1973. It was founded by businessman-turned-environmentalist Gerard Morgan-Grenville. It was opened in the disused Llwyngwern slate quarry. It was near Machynlleth. This place was used for the narrow-gauge Corris Railway before. This area occupied almost 7 acres (28,000 m2) site. This organization was known for “The British National Centre for the development of Alternative Technology.

Before the Centre for Alternative Technology for inspiration launched books which included books Small Is Beautiful, A Blueprint for Survival, and The Limits to Growth. In this included they told about the aim to explore alternative ways of living.

The Centre for Alternative Technology was previously the Centre for Appropriate Technology (UCAT. This was based on Bristol then it evolved into the Centre for Sustainable Energy.

Two persons won the Gold Medal whose name is David Lea and Pat Borer. They won the Gold Medal for Architecture at the National Eisteddfod of Wales of 2001 for their work on the WISE building at the CAT.

Visitor center

There was opened as a permanent exhibition to generate wider interest In 1975. There is an almost 40-acre (160,000 m2) site with 7 acres (28,000 m2) of interactive displays. It is the largest tourist attraction in the area and It is open all year except for Christmas, seven days a week. It is a registered charity.

The facilities and exhibits are:

• the water-balanced CAT funicular, the Centre for Alternative Technology Railway

• solar, hydropower, and wind power

• a low-energy house

• a site-wide electricity grid powered by renewable energy

• displays of organic gardening methods

• a hydraulic ram pump

• strawbale and rammed earth buildings

• Britain’s largest green bookshop

• Vegetarian/vegan restaurant

• Events, activities, and courses that take place throughout the year and so on.


Centre for Alternative Technology gives courses. Courses are between a day and a week in length. Among these courses, some are offered generally and the remaining are accredited courses for professional installers. Centre for Alternative Technology is not only involved in this but also involved with school education through training teachers, producing materials, and offering special tours and materials on site.

The center has a Graduate School of the Environment. They offer postgraduate courses in renewable energy, architecture, and environmental studies.

The center is running a professional Diploma Architecture course in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. They permit students to obtain an accredited Part II architectural qualification


Centre for Alternative Technology depends on a collection of water, wind, and solar power. But, they have a power shortage so they receive power from the National Grid. The large new wind turbine was built in 2004. They built it by using funds generated by selling shares in the project to the community and also from Bro Dyfi Community renewable. Centre for Alternative Technology operated a microgrid system in 2009. Which included elements of on- and off-grid operation.

Centre for Alternative Technology takes water from an existing man-made reservoir in the slate quarry.

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