Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment

If you want the best way to improve the audio quality of an action camera, you need to get one external action camera microphone attachment.

Introduction To Action Camera Microphone Attachment 

An action camera microphone attachment is a small, light microphone applied to an action camera. It helps us capture high-quality audio along with a video. Various action camera microphone attachments are present in the market, so it’s necessary to choose the one which is compatible with our camera. External microphones are the fastest and easiest way to the high-quality audio recording. They reduce background noise and ambient sound and improve the clarity of audio recordings.

How Action Camera Microphone Attachment Is Used?

There are a few ways we can attach a microphone and each with its benefits.

The most popular method is to attach an external microphone attached to the outside of the camera recording sounds from all around. It is great to be used for capturing ambient sound or recording musical performances.

Another method is to attach a wireless microphone. It sticks to the hot shoe over the camera and transmits the sounds wirelessly. We can connect it to our computer or phone. It is great if we’re moving to and fro.

While some microphones attach directly to the action camera. These are great for close-up audio and are often used for vlogging or sports commentary.

To take our action camera recording to the pro level, we must use external microphones. While most action cameras have built-in microphones, they don’t produce good sound quality. That’s when an action camera microphone attachment is required.

A few things should be remembered while using an external microphone with an action camera. Firstly, the microphone should be properly positioned. When it’s more close to the camera, it picks up unwanted sounds. Normally the mic should be positioned about 6-12 inches far from the camera. Secondly, the angle of the mic should be slightly towards the side so that it should not pick up much background noise.

A few things to be remembered While selecting an action camera microphone attachment:

1. We must be ensured that the action camera microphone attachment is compatible with the camera.

2. We must know the quality of the audio, we want to capture.

3. We must know which type of microphone should be attached to our camera.

There are two ways to clip an action camera microphone attachment to the camera:

· via the hot shoe

· through an adapter.

The hot shoe method is the most common way to attach a microphone, as additional adapters or cables aren’t required. The base of the attachment needs to be twisted onto the hot shoe mount of the camera, and it is ready to be used.

If not so, an adapter can be attached to the microphone. Be sure of its compatibility before making a purchase. After it is bought, connect it between the microphone and the camera’s 3.5mm input port.

Benefits From Action Camera Microphone Attachment:

Here follows some benefits of using an action camera microphone attachment

1. Better sound quality.

2. Increased volume.

3. Directionality (Allows focusing the audio and reducing background noise).

4. Flexibility (An attached microphone can be positioned in various ways).

Some Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments:

1. RØDE Wireless GO II                                                        

RØDE Wireless GO II 

RØDE is one of the world-renowned brands. It is also affordable moreover it is not only isolated to Hollywood but amateurs and professional videographers are also using these action camera microphone attachments.

Its system is ultra-compact and easy to use, these sporting microphones are also light weighing just 45 grams.

To use them, we need to attach the receiver part to our camera and then wirelessly connect to the microphone which can be attached anywhere we wish.

The wireless connection means no wires which are best for working with action cameras.

2. DJI Mic


The DJI Mic is made for the DJI Osmo Action. It is with a shoe adapter to be used with other cameras. It has two microphone/transmitter units and a receiver that can be safely kept in a charging carry case. It makes transporting, pairing, and charging the units simple.

We can clip these action camera microphone attachments to clothing. If not possible, a magnetic mount can be used which is a useful solution for T-shirts or unbuttoned shirts.

The battery life is 15 hours of recording time for any action camera. And the included deadcats reduce wind noise.

3. Synco G2

Synco G2

The Synco G2 works on the same principle as the previous action camera microphone attachments. It only lacks the onboard recording.

All things are relative but Synco gives better voice recording from a distance than the action camera’s built-in microphone. If one can’t afford the Rode (or the DJI, which is even more expensive), then Synco is worth buying.

4. RØDE VideoMic Pro

RØDE VideoMic Pro

It’s another microphone from the RØDE brand.

The VideoMic Pro is a higher option that is more suited to a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

So is it suggested as an action camera microphone attachment? It is a shotgun microphone and a good choice for recording audio from sources at a distance.

5. Boya BY-MM1

Boya BY-MM1

Regarding sound quality, it is difficult to differentiate between the Rode VideoMicro and the Boya BY-MM1 as the best action camera microphone attachment. However, Boya BY-MM1 is half the price of Rode VideoMicro.It comes with a deadcat, shock mount, cables, and carry pouch. I rather prefer the sound from the Boya to that from the Rode. But it is slightly inferior in performance to the Rode so we must decide carefully.

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